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After 2 days of tantalizing me with far off calls and appearing by the road when I was in a hurry on the way to pick someone up or drop off at school with no camera I finally caught the loon!  With a lake still half frozen the loon has restricted swimming area for awhile […]

As you look at the pics I caught of the loons yesterday chasing one another across the lake, keep in mind these birds winter in The Gulf of Mexico and will be heading to the Gulf in Novemeber.  What will they find when they get there and will they return next spring?  I sure hope […]

Back in August during the infamous Black’s Cliff vs. Hilltop tournament, I ran into Vince Ophus from Hilltop who told me he had caught our gang of loons on the lake in some pics.  Vince promised to send them to me by email to share and he just got them into my inbox this week.  […]