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We had two huge loads of wood delivered to the resort from a local logger.  This logger used a double section truck dropping 14 cords of wood in front of the shed.  Question is can we get the big truck and trailer out of the driveway? Analyzing the corners of the driveway to judge if […]

Eyes in the woods watching.  We have seen this buck a few times the last few weeks.  He has some goofy horns.  The deer are coming into the resort to eat acorns and the volleyball court is full of them He was nice enough to pose for my telephoto before he took off Ever wonder […]

For those old Black’s Cliff resort folks, the above picture will bring back some of your favorite summer memories.  This boat dates back to 1950’s when Maynard bought it as the first and only Black’s Cliff Ski Boat.  It pulled more first time skiers than the Minocqua Bats ever have.  Kids were no problem the […]

I was driving home this morning and caught a splash of color out of the corner of my eye and I grabed the camera and creped over to see if I could catch this elusive bird just across the road from the resort. Below is a hint but don’t look unless you need to I […]