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I had to share Craig’s new improvement to our dock.  He installed a 9 foot bench.  I think the dock has a lot more leg room and the ability for folks to sit and talk better.  This will be the new hang out this summer.  The bench needs a coat of stain but other than […]

Looking our at lunch today we had some visitors coming through The big Tom who was happy it was not Thanksgiving Heading off for a tour of the resort A few of the pontoons have made it out of the lake.  The color in the volleyball court is something to be seen Boat shed will […]

Time to head the raft out to its spot in the lake so we have room to put the white dock in.  Towing the raft to its spot can be a comedy of errors that we have all participated in (including an infamous launching by Paul) Hmm notice one wadder on and one off… who […]

Craig putting the final touch on Birchwood the heating vent.  Unfortunately they forgot to mention they did not have the furnace vent on to me when I turned on the hot water heater and furnace for the folks coming today.  Luckily they also turned off the breaker to those items as well and they did […]

Question is how many compressors does it take to nail down a roof?   The green one, Craig’s new quiet compressor decided to not work for him.  The 2 red ones were borrowed from Tom Lindeman also would not work for Craig.  The little blue one from Craig’s house was not strong enough to operate […]

What does this picture mean? Yep the roofer has returned from his Southern Adventures being a Snowbird.  Happy to report he has chosen to do Birchwood’s roof when there is nobody in the resort to hear the air compressor.  Next on the list after the roof is Bear Den’s flooring remodel and putting in the […]

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What is with the new fashion statement Troy is making with my old towel supply?  Is he feeling cold and getting ready for winter?  Is he trying out for the community play version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame…. Both of those reasons sound better than the actual reason.  Craig is returning from Phoenix on […]