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Sunrise this morning at -20 with a -30 windchill.  Did the schools call off…. nope, it is only a half day and they all stayed on in our area.  I have folks going out for their first time snowmobiling today.  What a day to pick to be your first time.  Thankfully there are all sorts […]

Amanda Hixson arrived at the resort with her boyfriend Chris for a weekend of snowmobiling with friends.  I am not sure we converted her over to loving a Northwoods winter as much as she enjoys sitting by the lake in the summer, but everyone had a good time.  For the record nobody slept in Tom […]

ua Sleds coming across Lower Kaubashine They were flying across the snowmobile trail Heading down the trail in the sunset.  Good weekend

Besides the fact that Martin Luther was a great guy we also love him because a day off school for a 3 day weekend to have fun with the family! The Knarr family reported that the trails were alright but definitely were showing some bare spots and needed some snow.  A few bare spots did […]