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Wicker furniture is a wonderful thing except for when it comes to cleaning it or painting it.  After 18 years of running the resort with Troy and trying a few different things I think we finally have it figured out.  We used to get the scrub brushes out and wash and scrub them outside but […]

Sporty showing off the latest in chubby beagle wear.  Too chubby to fit into the doggy jackets at the store… have an owner that will make you a custom made knit one to fit the mature beagle.  Notice the fancy cuff around the neck Wahooo the ease of movement for for the height challenged Eat […]

I picked up these 2 old wicker couches a month ago.  They will not be staying the colors you see.  I have usually cleaned wicker with a bucket of water and a scrub brush but getting all the dust and dirt out of all the crannies and crevasses can be a nightmare.  I had a […]