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Winter Park Report We received about 3/4 inch yesterday and we’re gladly taking any flakes we get. Skiers were coming in all day with smiles reporting how pleasantly surprised they were with how good the skiing was. For the cautious, rock skis are still in order, but several folks were using their good skis without […]

Winter Park is adding a new longer snow shoe trail this year and they put the word out they needed some help blazing the trail and since it was a by week for the Green Bay Packers we headed out to give them a hand.   Lots and lots of trimming While we were out […]

I received this email newsletter from Winter Park and thought I would share.  So much good stuff happening out there but the highlight is a return of tubing and better yet a tow rope to get you back up the hill.  This should be an awesome thing to do this winter and I can’t wait […]

We heard that call that Winter Park needed help with storm clean up.  Trails were full of downed trees and sticks that would get caught in the groomer.  We headed out to the park just 7.5 miles from the resort to give a hand and met up with one of our former guests Linda Wrobel […]

My favorite pic of the day.  We got an additional 5 inches of snow last night and this morning.  The trees were loaded and it was beautiful to look out off the hill at the snow still coming down through the pines.  Good news is our problems with our plow truck are on the way […]

Beautiful fall Sunday afternoon and a Packer’s Bi week.  Time to head out of the house to the road less traveled.  This road is Camp 9 at the end of Lower Kaubashine.  It leds out to our destination Squirrel Hill (aka Winter Park x-country ski area)  The road goes from paved to gravel to dirt.  […]