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Steve decided it was time to give the Birch Trees around the resort a fresh coat of paint.  Craig also instructed him to keep going and paint a few of the pine trees like birch trees since we have lost so many of our birch to the birch disease. This is what happens to resort […]

Ted and Mark arrived from Virginia for their annual week of woodsplitting in January.  There is just something about spending time together up Nort, that makes these 2 fly half way across the country to help us fill the shed up for summer Troy trying to keep up with them piling.  Packer play off game […]

A quiet week at the resort without guests in some areas means Craig starts looking to the sky at dead trees.  They picked this tricky dead birch between out house and Kaubashine.  Odds on hitting the house 50 – 50 Discussing and tightening up the come a long Notice Craig picking up his feet, tree […]

Wood has been wildly flying off the wood splitter this week.  Thanks to Ted, Troy and Steve there is plenty of firepit wood for a year Steve with a gleam in his eye attacking the wood the old fashioned way.  He was splitting wood that will never see a firepit or a cabin fireplace.  Oak […]